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over 2 years ago

T-2 Weeks! Two past EOSIO Hackathon winners

With the EOSIO Beyond Blockchain finishing line fast approaching, we wanted to share with you the projects that won the previous two hackathons. We hope reading about their work keeps you motivated and inspired as you continue working on your own solution.


The EOSIO Challenge

In this first virtual hackathon, developers were called on to run Solidity smart contracts within an EOSIO smart contract. The winner, Syed Jafri’s eosio.evm solution, created a bridge from Solidity to EOSIO, enabling developers to deploy applications on free public blockchain software with superior smart contract performance.

You can read more about eosio.evm, and how Syed built it here. If you’d like to see the documentation or get the GitHub code, go here


Coding for Change 

Last year, 900 participants from 92 countries, set out to apply blockchain technology to help address the problems and expected societal changes related to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

The winning team was Lifebank, who designed an application to help local communities create a virtuous circle of value exchange between three parties - an eligible blood donor, a donation center, and a sponsor. By leveraging EOSIO blockchain technology, the app enables users to create EOSIO accounts and manage their entire blood donation process. 

To learn more about Lifebank’s winning application, click here.

We hope these past winning submissions have provided you with the inspiration to keep powering on… the end is in sight! Submissions are due by 5 PM ET on April 6, 2021.

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