Required Tools 

Step1: Go to the Getting Started section of the EOSIO Developer Portal to learn more about required components of EOSIO you will need to build your application.

Step 2: Use the EOSIO Testnet to test your application on the latest and most fully-featured EOSIO stable releases for close-to-production results, but it is not required.


Technical Resources


EOSIO Webinars

1. Learn about Blockchain & EOSIO  

2. Build Your First Smart Contract on EOSIO  

3. Build a Full-stack Web Application Using EOSIO  



  1. EOSIO Primer: Building Robust Smart Contract Applications -'s Peter Keay

  2. Building compliant blockchain-based businesses - Chintai’s Phillip Hamnett

  3. The importance of hackathon to launch a career, my personal story - Galaxy Interactive’s Michael Fan



Looking for ideas or inspiration? Take a look at the projects from the previous EOSIO Hackathon: Coding for Change.



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