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over 2 years ago

EOSIO resources reminder & more

Available EOSIO resources & more
It’s been just over a week since the Opening Ceremony, so we’re checking in and sharing additional information, to help you create a great project.

Explore EOSIO resources  
The Resources Tab has been populated with documentation to not just help participants solve the Beyond Blockchain challenge, but learn more about EOSIO while doing so. 

Here are some ways to improve your skills and ultimately your project.

  • Explore the EOSIO Developer Portal  - a developer’s go-to for documentation, tools and API references, 

  • Visit EOSIO Training and Certification, a virtual campus populated with course work created by the experts, 

  • Check out’s official EOSIO Testnet - vital for those looking to test out their application pre-submission, using the latest and most fully featured EOSIO stable releases. 

  • Watch the EOSIO Webinar recordings which scale in complexity, but cover vital learnings for all developers 

Did you get your credits?
If you haven’t submitted for your free Google Cloud Billing credits in the Slack channel (#GCPCredits) yet, make sure you do. You can get the details here

Let’s stay connected 
Be sure to keep checking the Slack Channel. As we approach the end of the hackathon, it will be a constant and lively source of conversation as participants and partners share timely information.