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almost 3 years ago

And the winner is...

Following a month of hard work and spirited collaboration, the winners of this year’s EOSIO Hackathon: Beyond Blockchain, have been named. 

Closing April 29 at 5 PM ET - Be one of the first 50 eligible participants that complete this feedback survey to receive an EOSIO cap.

Congratulations not just to our winners, but to all who rose to solve this year’s challenge and worked to build the next generation of impact. The judges were impressed with the creativity and calibre of what was presented. 

1st: Dao Bull
A decentralized application, designed to allow its users to create their own DAO’s in just minutes to manage financials, shareholders, governance & community engagement.
   • US$25,000
   • US$12,500 worth of Google Cloud Credits

2nd: gGoods
An open-source NFT standard that lets communities create tokens for crowdfunding - connecting non-profit organizations and charitable causes to their supporters worldwide.
   • US$10,000
   • US$5,000 worth of Google Cloud Credits

3rd: Recoverable Online Wallets
A solution which removes the risk of ever losing KeyIDs and credentials by using WebAuthn to sign transactions and authenticate, eliminating the need for passwords, phone numbers and emails as security factors.
   • US$5,000
   • US$2,500 worth of Google Cloud Credits

4th: Finfluencers 
A network connecting people who need help defining, improving, and developing their financial strategy with people who have the right ideas, opinions, and expertise.
   • US$1,000
   • US$500 worth of Google Cloud Credits

Even though this year’s EOSIO hackathon is over, you can still keep learning with, and building on EOSIO.  

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Thanks and keep building!